Maputo, Mozambique, 22 July 2016;

Following the inception meeting of the AltWater project, the project partners organized a half day public seminar where a number of important stakeholders of the city attended.

A number of presentations summarizing the project context, activities and problems it is addressing, was made by UNESCO-IHE and partners:

  1. Doing more with less? Sustainable water supply for cities of the future – Assela Pathirana, UNESCO-IHE
  2. Enabling the assessment of alternative water supply systems to promote urban water security in the Global South – Janez Susnik, UNESCO-IHE
  3. An overview of Maputo city water supply – Joao Francisco , AdeM
  4. Beira water company – overview and Challenges – Dr. Castigo Cossa, Beira water company
  5. Water supply issues and challenges in Surabaya and Gresik District – Prof. Wahyono Hadi, ITS, Indonesia
  6. Introduction to the AltWater Community of Practice – Assela Pathirana, UNESCO-IHE

Among the presentations there were opportunities for the audience to ask questions and make comments and suggestions. One of the important outcomes of this discussion was the suggestions on important stakeholders that are to be included in the project process. UNESCO-IHE and partners will include a broad group of relevant and important stakeholder in the “community of practice” that is being developed under the project.