Prof. Chris Zevenbergen engaged in an interesting discussion with the presenters and participants at the end of the day in order to get valuable insights of their understanding of the day’s proceedings. Excerpt from the discussions  are presented below :


  1. Ground water recession is a major issue and is not being addressed as the attention is more on Climate change related impacts. Ground water recharge measures should be taken up. Risk of contamination due to recharge through retention ponds should be taken into account.
  2. Implementing good practices is not easy due to institutional practices and budgetary limitations. Interested to know how these are tackled in developed countries – Mr. Chang from Construction Department
  3. There is some understanding about SuDS at ground level. Consultants and Engineers at construction department are advising the authorities to take up SuDS instead of conventional drainage systems. The impediment to implementation of SuDs comes in form of  non existent cost of established unit rates for SuDS and precedence and experience  in construction of SuDS.
  4. ABC water’s program in Singapore: Meandering streams  instead of a straight canal, that incorporates SuDS enhances the interaction between water and people. This is being done in residential area so that people can understand and appreciate SuDS. As this has created awareness about SuDS, the Singapore govt is extending this approach through private developers to incorporate SuDS in Business districts. It is a long process that needs support from govt that changes the public perception. – Ms. Adeline Goh, PUB Singapore
  5. Influencing and changing public perception: Difference in understanding of public and scientist is big. Use a pilot project to alter the public perception. This has already started in Vietnam through 5 pilots in Vietnam. The perception of public should change from “I hate water” to ” I love water” – Prof. Ho Long Phi
  6. Malaysian SuDs experience: The first SuDS pilot started in 1999 in the university campus in Penang . “A campus is incomplete without drains” was the perception of parents of students in the beginning. Repeated awareness campaigns changed this perception. Workshops in Malaysia and neighbourhood to create awareness and promote SuDS. – Prof. Zakaria
  7. Piloting and showing how it works to people is very convincing. Leaders are need to promote it. How about a SuDS pilot in Can Tho?
    1. Could be used to tackle pluvial flooding in Can Tho
    2.  What would be the per capita cost of construction of SuDS (Unit costs) ? – Mr Loc – Dept. of water resources
  8. How can Can Tho  get involved in City to City Learning?   “Develop a dream and work upon it!”