Day 1

Context setting By Dr. Assela Pathriana – Context

Key note speech by Dr. Assela Pathirana – Keynote

Dutch Room for the River project , Lessons Learned Prof. Chris Zevenbergen – Room for River

Greens Design – SuDS in Malaysia – Prof. Zakaria – Green Design – SuDS

Climate adaptation of HCMC water supply system – Mr. Dierk – Adapting Water supply system of HCMC

Adaptation, what we want and what we can Prof. Ho Long Phi – What we want , what we can

Water Distribution in Netherlands Dr. Nemanja Trifunovic – 08_Water Distirbution in NL

Improving flood resilience of Can Tho- Mr. Radhakrishnan – Improving flood resilience of Can Tho

Retrofitting SuDS in HCMC – Mr. Trcu – 10_Retrofiting SuDS – Truc ver.English

SuDS in Indonesia -Mr. Maheng – SuDS in Indonesia

Green Urban Design for Can Tho – Dr. Quan Green Urban Design for Can Tho

Summary of Day 1 – 13_Summary_of_day1

Day 2

SuDS application and development in Malaysia – Prof. Zakaria – SuDS application in Malaysia

Day 3 

ABC features in Singapore – Ms. Adeline Goh – SuDS in Singapore


Water distribution Workshop by Dr. Nemanja Trifnovic

Lecture – WTD Computer Modelling Can Tho

Literature – literature

Softwares – Epanet2 Ver 212    Epanet2 pdd

Exercise –  short design exercise

Lessons – spreadsheet lessons

Water Sensitive Designs by Mr. William Veerbeek

Programme – Workshop_programme

Lecture – Operational water sensitive design

Lecture – Rotterdam Climate Adaptation Strategy

Movie clips: