Successful delivery of MARE-Asia project

The “Green Cities Round Table”, the event that marked the conclusion of the Capacity Development Technical Assistance on Green City Action Planning (CDTA-GCAP) as well as delivery of “MARE-Asia: Indonesia Project” that supported CDTA-GCAP was held in Surabaya – the Surabaya, the Cleanest & Greenest City In Indonesia. The two days event took place during 31st May and 1st June, 2016.

MARE-Asia: Indonesia has achieved success in helping to organize a broad group of stakeholders into a learning and action alliance (LAA) or a green team in each of the MARE cities: Kendari, Malang and Batam. Together with the green teams, the MARE-Asia experts were able to complete all the project deliverables successfully. What remains is the implementation of Pilot Projects in each of the MARE-Asia Cities.

Inspiration from a green-city leader

Mayor of Surabaya – the host city of the closing event – Tri Rismaharini attended the event in the afternoon of day one. Risma was a true inspiration for the CDTA cities! She took time to explain how Surabaya became the ‘greenest city in Indonesia’ and how the city strives to be more and more livable, sustainable, resilient … and green.

Mayor Tri Rismaharini presenting 'Green Surabaya'

Mayor Tri Rismaharini presenting ‘Green Surabaya’

Mayor Tri Rismaharini (Risma) with a few of the participants

Mayor Tri Rismaharini (Risma) with a few of the participants

MARE-Asia Project — Activities , Legacy, future

Mare-Asia Team presented the summary of activities of the project and proposed ways to bring the legacy of the project forward. The key question is “How MARE-Asia cities can sustain greening their cities beyond the project”. The full presentation is available here:  Mare-ASia Closing Presentation.

MARE-Asia : Activities, Legacy, future

MARE-Asia : Activities, Legacy, future

Dikman Maheng - Mare-Asia Local Coordinator

Dikman Maheng : Mare-Asia Local Coordinator

What cities need most

At the end of the event there was a group discussion followed by a plenary presentation covering,

  1.  How city’s evaluate the CDTA-GCAP
  2.  What cities need most at this stage to ensure sustainable green city development.

All cities strongly indicated that they need examples of good practice – preferably in the form of small pilot projects. Following are the specific needs of each city:


  1. National level: full support for integrating/mainstreaming green in development projects including financial support/enabling policies etc.
  2. Local level: maintain resources, sharing budgets, inclusion of private sector
  3. Local level: facilitator/champion of pilot project local and permanent presence


Medan’s current focus is on Waste-to-energy. Therefore their needs are linked to that aspiration:

  1. Financial support (national/funds/investors, etc)
  2. Capacity building/training (waste to energy)
  3. Feasibility study into waste to energy conversion


Batam’s most urgent need is institutional reform, making it possible for Batam Development Authority and Batam City to work effectively together.

Cities presenting their stories

Cities presenting their stories

Cities presenting their stories

Cities presenting their stories

Group discussions

Group discussions

City to City Learning

Mare-Asia strongly believes in the concept of cities learning from each other. City to city learning was discussed as one of the mechanisms to sustain the drive for green cities beyond MARE-Asia.  As a small measure to put words into action, MARE-Asia invited delegates from Can Tho City, Vietnam.  Dr. Nguyen Hong Quan of the Institute for Environment and Resources (IER), Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh city (VNU-HCM) and a long time collaborator for MARE-Asia team’s activities in Can Tho was joined by Mr. Ky Quang Vinh, the Director of Climate Change Coordination Office of CanTho City to share the experiences of Can tho in the context of city greening.

Dr. Quan sharing experiences of Can Tho city, Vietnam

Dr. Quan sharing experiences of Can Tho city, Vietnam


Mr. Vinh Registering for the event.


Mr. Robert van der Hoff (lead consultant of GCTA Indonesia) making a point on the Can Tho experience.