REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, KENDARI – Prof. Chris Sevenbergen representing of UNESCO-IHE institute for water education in Delft, Netherlands, said, “Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi (Sultra), will be a good of  green cities in Asia”.  Prof. Zevenbergen stated this at a Workshop on “Learning and Action Alliance”, a program of technical assistance, hosted by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), UNESCO-IHE and Government organizations took place in the city of Kendari, on Thursday the 16th October 2016. “These activities include increasing the capacity of the city to support green city planning,” he said.  The program, he said, will be completed in several stages: The first workshop to establish the learning and action aliance and to understand the aspiration of the stakeholders was held in June 2014.  Now the designs are being considered based on these aspirations and later will lead to implementation of selected  projects, followed by  monitoring and evaluation. Mayor of Kendari, Asrun, on the occasion appreciated the support of UNESCO-IHE and ADB for city of Kendari to run a successful Green City development program. “We need funding to realize the green city, so that more and more programs can be initiated in Kendari that are targeted towards realizing the green city, as quickly as possible” he said. The delegates representing  the ADB and UNESCO appreciated the local government of Kendari which already has a vision and mission to develop Kendari into a Green City.

From: Republika online: http://nasional.republika.co.id/berita/nasional/daerah/14/10/16/ndjcya-kendari-contoh-kota-hijau-di-asia

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(Photo credit: ZonaSultra: http://www.zonasultra.com/2014a/content/view/1372/526/)