All major news outlets of Kendari and South East Sulawesi Province gave ample coverage of MARE Asia. The Learning & Action Alliance (LAA) meeting was a huge success, and a stepping-stone to accelerate city-to-city learning in Indonesia and Asia. ¨Kendari can be an example for green cities in Asia¨ headlined the printed and online newspapers Kendari Pos, Nasional Republika, Zonasultra, Antarasultra, Kendarinews. Kompas TV and Kota Kendari focussed on the importance of the ¨support of UNESCO-IHE, Bax & Willems and ADB to green Kendari¨, in their television broadcasts, printed edition and live twitter coverage during the events.

The LAA made progress on designs for priority areas based on innovative concepts. ‘Building with Nature’ for the Mangrove park & sedimentation management of the Kendari Bay. ‘Room for the River’ for the Wanggu river management / Wanggu Water Park. ‘Water sensitive urban design and Green infrastructure’ for the MTQ Tower area.

The Alliance was strengthened as such. Mayor Asrun, the city secretary Pak Alamsyah and Ibu Farida the Deputy Head of Bappeda Development Agency participated in the sessions and will chair a Steering Group. Over 50 participants joined on 2 workshop days. New members are, the head of the NGO network, environmental and women NGOs, Green City Forum, heads & staff of the departments of public works and of ‘beautification’ (waste, environment), disaster management, heads of villages, amongst others.

Under the Asian Development Bank Green Cities – A sustainable urban future in Southeast Asia TA programme, UNESCO-IHE and Bax & Willems are supporting Kendari through the ‘MARE Asia’ project. It applies the successful Learning & Action Alliance (LAA) approach from MARE Europe. The LAA in Kendari develops an integrated long-term strategic plan, and aims to bridge the implementation gap, to go from a city vision to bankable projects. Multi-stakeholder collaboration and the delivery of multiple values are central to the approach.

¨A unique and promising development¨, thus conclude regional media.