The international workshop  “Developing climate adaptation and green infrastructure in medium-sized cities across multiple scales”, popularly called ‘SMLXL workshop’ was organized with the objective of helping small and medium sized cities to arrive at practical climate adaptation and greening solutions. The specific objectives of the workshop were stated as follows:

  • Practical Urban development solutions [for small and medium sized cities in the global south]
  • [Not only a ] Long-term strategy [but also] short-term wins
  • [Put the ] Cities in the Driving Seat [ of climate adaptation to be a step ahead of external stakeholders like donors]
  • Learn from each other [ by exchanging experiences, conducting pilot studies and organizing stakeholders in small and medium citized cities]

The workshop was attended by 76 delegates from Vietnam and Overseas. Following are links for specific aspects of the three day workshop.

Pre-Workshop Material


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


  • In the news
  • Videos of the event (currently in progress, link will appear here once ready)